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my story

Before I became a Lash Artist, I worked for an online foreign exchange trading company. I got the job as a temp, but worked my way up to management in a few years. Working there in the daytime, I attended Beauty School at night to obtain my cosmetology license. While that may sound random, I used to do my friends hair in high school and since I didn’t finish college, I figured it would be a great skill/profession to fall back on, also considering I didn’t see a career in finance in my future. 


Our company was acquired by another in London and they sent me on a 2 year assignment to hire and train a new staff to take over. I obtained plenty of valuable experience in this position – Project Manager, Client Services Manager, Operations Manager, Technology Liasion, Accounting Liasion, and the list goes on. This was also the job that got me interested in coding. Anyway, my assignment in London is where I had my first experience with eyelash extensions.

First I was the client, then I became the artist.


When my assignment ended in 2013, I returned to the USA jobless and registered for my first lash certification. I knew that cosmetology license would come in handy some day:) Because I was fresh off of being so business savvy, I already had a business name, website, and cards 3 weeks before taking the course –I didn’t even know if I was going to like lashing yet! Within my first six months practicing, I was determined to make a business out of it and worked as my own mobile classic lash artist going to clients homes, mostly friends and referrals, charging peanuts just for the practice.

When I started to become popular, I moved into a local busy hair &nail salon. While I'd be lashing or researching brands, education and products, I began to think there were a few things lacking in the industry, like more efficient processes, products and unity, plus easy access to information because I only had a manual and a classic beginner education. I thought I was going to have to start inventing shit, but then I took my first volume training and what I didn’t know was that there was a whole lash world waiting to be discovered. And by now you’re probably thinking “I’m not the only one”, we all share this similar story, don’t we?


I began my volume journey, and instead of inventing products and a collection which was already being done, I created LASH411. There was a void in our industry for a neutral place to find reliable information on the craft, inclusive of all products, retailers, and training and make lash friends who could relate.

I'm grateful for the opportunities iLASHart and LASH411 have given me, and even more grateful to share my ideas and inspire the industry.


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