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volume 2.0

a 2 day advanced course for experienced Volume artists. We'll work on your fan making skills, styling and other advanced skills. Lash mapping and style per eye shape will really flex your artistry.


eye design assessment

lengths, diameters, curls

lash mapping


hybrid sets

bridging gaps

placement tips

perfect line vs texture

color blocks

work flow

one handed isolation

taping techniques

2 ways to make fans

promade vs premade fans

retention troubleshooting

prep, application, aftercare

business snapshot


volume experience


day 1 10a - 1p theory 1p - 2p lunch 2p - 6p theory + practical

day 2 10a - 12p theory 12p - 1p lunch 1p - 6p live model

what you get

manual, certificate, ongoing mentorship


click on the button to your desired course type: private, online theory

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